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About Our Homes

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We build on heavy duty trailers that are specifically designed for tiny homes. Regular utility trailers are not sufficient for tiny home structures. Our trailers all come with a steel belly pan making them more travel friendly as well as weather and rodent proof.


We use traditional stick framing and bracing techniques.


Our homes all come with hidden fastener steel roofing. This product is highly durable, is low maintenance, and has a very long lifetime.


The exterior walls are covered with sheathing, waterproof house-wrap, and all windows and doors are fully flashed.


The two siding options we use the most are wood shiplap and lp smart siding. These can painted or stained any color.

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We typically use fiberglass insulation.
Because tiny homes are so small, heating and cooling them is very economic and efficient. Fiberglass also allows the home to "breath" properly and  this is very important in a small space.


Our homes are fully wired just like traditional homes.
We thoughtfully create a lighting and electrical plan with "real life" in mind, including abundant outlets, usb outlets,  dimmable recessed led lights, under-cabinet lighting, wall sconces, pendants, exterior lighting, exterior outlets, ceiling fans etc.



You have the choice of either electric or gas appliances as well as what sizes you would prefer.


We have woodworking shop at our facility where custom cabinetry is built for all of our homes. Our cabinets are all made with solid wood and dovetail joinery is used. We also use high quality hinges and slides.


We typically use either wood paneling, ship-lap or painted no-gap mdf paneling. We avoid drywall and other low quality sheet paneling.


We typically install hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring.


Most often we use the Separett Villa composting toilet in our builds. Using this toilet eliminates the need for a  septic hook up or a black water tank. We can also install the composting toilet of your choice or a traditonal flush toilet.

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We use a variety of electric and lp furnaces.
Our homes are built to function in cold climates.


An air conditioning unit is usually included in all of our builds. Typically we use a thru-the-wall unit.


Our homes all come with a pressurized water hook-up. Most often an interior fillable water tank is also installed. This means the home does not need to be directly hooked up to a water source. Whole house and drinking water filters are also installed.


Extra care goes into the planning of our tiny home's plumbing systems. Our water heaters, pumps and pressure tanks are sized to comfortably accommodate full-time use and daily needs. Pex water lines are used and full access is created to plumbing system for ease of monitoring or making a repair.


If you desire for your home to fully function off the grid, we can create a off-grid system for you. This is done with the use of solar panels, batteries, and lp appliances.


Our homes are designed and built for use in all seasons.
Whenever possible the water lines are not placed in the walls so as to prevent them from freezing. If the design of the home does not allow this, a water circulating system is installed. The heating system is sized to accommodate harsh winter weather.


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