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What are the benefits of building tiny?


 A tiny home can be used for many different purposes...
Full-time residence, vacation/seasonal home, hunting cabin, home office, guest house,
mother-in-law suite, mobile businesses etc.


When you build a tiny structure on wheels you gain freedom and flexibility.
It can be placed almost anywhere. It can easily be moved to another spot if needed.
Tiny homes are great for long term or short term use. Because of their mobility they can more easily be re-sold if you decide to do so in the future.
They can be placed in spots without traditional utility hook-ups.


When compared to traditional homes on a foundation,  tiny homes on wheels are far more affordable.


Because of their size and affordability tiny homes are great for people looking to buy their first home or for people looking to downsize and gain more financial freedom  while retaining the value of home ownership.


Tiny homes are much easier and more affordable  to keep up than larger traditional homes. We put a special emphasis on making upkeep and repairs as easy as possible in our designs.  To make this easier for the homeowner we create as much access to the the utilities as possible.



 Our tiny homes are built using traditional building materials and techniques. With proper maintenance they will look and function beautifully for many years, just like foundation-built homes.


This is a big motivator for potential tiny home owners.
Tiny homes are cute. They look and feel like small homes unlike campers or rvs . There is something about a small, functional space that is very


What are the downsides of building tiny?


While there are also benefits to this fact, it is something to consider.
Even if you don't plan to live in your tiny home full time, you will have to learn how to function in a small space efficiently. You don't have to be a minimalist to enjoy a tiny home, but you will have to limit your possessions. There will still be room for all the essentials and then some.


It's not always a straightforward process finding a spot to place your tiny home.
A little extra work and creativity will almost always yield a solution.
Fortunately, there are more and more tiny home villages popping up around the country  for those who don't plan to put a tiny home on their own property.


When compared to the cost of buying a traditional home this isn't exactly a downside, but we do find that sometimes people are surprised at how much a tiny home costs.
It's important to remember that you're not buying a simple structure on wheels, you're buying a complete home on a moveable foundation.
Tiny homes have all of the functional systems and spaces that traditional homes have, they're just condensed down into a space that has less square footage.


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